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What is My Home Worth?


When selling a home, it’s important to get a realistic idea of its current value. Today’s real estate market is exceptionally dynamic, changing from season to season, from area to area and reacting quickly to changes in the economy.


Before putting your home on the market and setting a price it is important to first have an estimate of your homes value. I can easily provide you with an accurate pricepoint for you home by conducting a Comparative Market Analysis.


A CMA is an evaluation of a home’s value based on available local market data including:


  • How much homes similar to yours have sold for recently.
  • How long these homes were on the market before they sold.
  • How fast you can expect to sell your home at your desired asking price.
  •  What your “competition” would be should you decide to put your home on the market right away.


I am happy to share my expertise with you to help you get a true picture of your home’s current value. Simply fill out the following form and submit it to me online. I will contact you at my earliest opportunity.


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